Training is where quality matters. Every minute, of every hour, of every day has a purpose. That purpose is to prepare our student-athletes to perform at their full potential when it matters the most - competition.

When constructing a training plan, we consider each of the following areas of development to ensure consistent performance:

  • Technical

  • Tactical

  • Physical Fitness & Nutrition

  • Mental – Emotional and Social Psychological Characteristics

  • Decision Making

Sean Foley Performance at EaglesDream assesses each student in these areas, then formulates a training plan for each student as an individual. Broken down into macro and micro cycles, this plan outlines and sets manageable goals for the student to accomplish each day. At the end of each day and each cycle, we highlight the incremental improvement the student made. These small improvements are easy to manage, and over time, amount to long-term success. This philosophy has proven to be successful when dealing with junior golfers. 

Through systematic reporting, parent and student will be updated regularly on progress throughout the semester and year. This cycle continues throughout the life of the program.

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To create the most impact, we put an emphasis on providing every student and parent with the most unique and custom junior academy experience possible.

Student-athletes travel to train with us from around the world, and whether their dreams are academic, athletic and for personal growth and development, we consider it our ultimate responsibility to help each student realize their full potential. We provide all students with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve outstanding results. This responsibility is one that we take seriously and our ability to deliver for every student is one of the key metrics we base our academy’s success on.



Florida offers our students the best place to play to be recruited by the top colleges and universities in the United States. Some of the tours that our students play on include:

  • AJGA

  • Florida Junior Golf Tour

  • Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

  • Future Collegians World Tour